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I couldn't tell you what hour it was, I couldn't tell you what day it was, The only thing I could honestly tell you is that the day this all began is every persons worst nightmare of a day, That day was the day I would leave my house for the final time, Only a few days before I had lost my parents in a tragic car accident, I would prefer not to go into details of the horrific accident so yeah lets just carry on with the story, As I was saying, Bad day for me, Leaving the house I had spent the past fifteen years of my life living in, Knowhere else to live, So yeah as you can guess by now the next part of my story involves me living on the streets, Okay I know that was a little spoiler but still let's just carry on shall we, I woke up, I got dressed, I took one last wonder around my house and then I left, I had knowhere to go, No money to get me anywhere either, Yeah on that day I automatically assumed my life was over, Anyways let's give you the quick version of the next three days shall we just to save some time, Think most would prefer it rather than me telling you what I did for three days on the streets, Quick version is that I survived in anyway I could, I slept anywhere I could, I ate whatever scraps I could find, I just did whatever I could to make it to the next day, Not saying it was easy considering the fact that everytime I closed my eye's I had nightmares too horrible to describe, Yeah the three days on the streets were the worst day's of my life, Not saying the fourth day was much better, I woke up in an alley I had chose to spend the night in, Opening my eye's I found two figures standing over me mumbling to each other, Two figures in a dark alley usually would mean bad news but not always, I mean yeah before I could even react they grabbed me and pulled me to my feet, Before I even knew what was happening I was dragged to a van I had neglected to notice and thrown in the back, I couldn't tell you how long I was in the back of the van but when the doors were finally opened I was in a completely different place and the sky outside was quickly fading to black so I could only assume it was nightfall, Now you are probably wondering where I was taken, Well isn't it obvious, I was taken or shall we say brought to this camp

Alice:- *Haha I found you*

Damn it, Sorry folks but I have two choices now, I can choose to run again and leave you hanging for a while or I can carry on with my story and have Alice interupting every two seconds, Think the choice is pretty obvious

Alice:- *I don't think so, Not this time*

Okay well that aint good, She has decided to block the door so I can't leave, Guess that means this story is going to be a long one, Full of interuptions from a certain somebody

Alice:- *Don't think I don't know that you're talking about me*

Me:- *Okay okay, Shut up and let me finish this story will you*

Alice:- *Fine finish it*

Okay well now that is sorted I hope let's get back to the story shall we, Where was I, Oh yeah I was brought to this camp

Alice:- *Where you met me*

Me:- *I didn't meet you here, You arrived around three months after I did*

Alice:- *Officially you did remember, You came out your cabin to find me running towards you been chased by that creature*

Me:- *Well thanks for filling in one main part of my story*

Alice:- *You're welcome*

You know what maybe if we just ignore her she may leave me alone to finish this story in peace, Can only hope, Anyways back to the story before she interrupts again, I was brought to this camp and you know the first thing I had to do, I had to meet the director of this camp, Yeah although it was nightfall I had to walk through a deserted camp all the way to the main office, I had to wait five minutes for the director to show and then I had to take a stupid tour of the place

Alice:- *Least I arrived in the morning*

Me:- *Yeah I remember, Now no more interuptions*

As I was saying, I had to take a tour around what I assumed at the time was a deserted camp, Well you could only imagine the thoughts running through my head, I mean what was I supposed to think at the time, Kidnapped, brought to a deserted camp and given a tour by a stranger, I thought I was in some serious trouble, Well that was until the director showed me to a cabin and told me I could rest in there for the night, I looked in, Yeah I know it sounds like a stupid thing to do, The smart thing been to run but I guess I was tired and just wanted at the time to feel safe for one night, Call me stupid

Alice:- *You're stupid*

Me:- *That's it, I don't want to talk to you anymore*

Let's just ignore her from now on shall we, Yeah I know I keep saying that but this time I really think we should, Anyways story, So yeah you can call me stupid but I don't know, When I took a look in the cabin I now call my home I just felt so happy to be there or here, Annoying trying to tell the past when in the present you are in the same place you was back then, Let's just carry on regardless, So yeah I felt happy, Like I had finally found a place I belonged, Not saying I ever did or will ever belong anywhere but I guess I just thought i'd found a new home, Yeah yeah I know, I'm still here and it is technically my home now but still you know what I mean, So i guess that is it for how I came to arrive at camp and how I came to be living here, Let's see what's the next part to tell

Alice:- *Could tell them how you met me*

Ahh I remember what's a good part to tell, My first day at camp and how I came about making a friend, That friend been Matt. 45am, Yeah just great why can't I be like Matt over there and sleep the day away, If only my life was that simple, Sleep away the days and just enjoy myself, If only.

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