(COMIC1☆5) [Usubeniya (Usubeni Sakurako)] Shinkou No Tamamono (Touhou Project)

Dick In The Mouth!!!” “Now, Allison,” Lindsey said nervously, “what are you going to do, you have that look in your eye, remember now, be careful, you're playing with dynamite!!!

Allison tucked the picture into her pocket, and while walking down the aisle, she stopped at Cary's seat and asked, “Could you come with me to the lounge for a minute, I've got something important to show you!!!” “Uh sure,” he replied, “what's up!?!” Once in the lounge, Allison ordered a drink for each of them and said, “We've known each other for a long time now, right!?!” “Yeah,” he answered, “about six years or so I'd guess, why do you ask!?!” “Oh,” she said smoothly, “you know how all these years I've tried putting the moves on you and never even getting to first base!?!” “Now wait a minute, Al,” he said quickly, “I told you right from the start that I had a girl back home in Oregon, you had no right to expect anything other than friendship from me!!!” “Yeah, yeah,” she replied a little impatiently, “from what I hear, it's not exactly a girl you got back home, but big fat cock you like stuck up your ass or in your mouth!!!” With all of the color instantly draining out of his face, Cary turned to the bartender and ordered a double Scotch on the rocks before turning back to Allison and saying, “I-I don't know where you get your information, but I assure you that it is the sheerest form of slander and contains not a grain of truth!!!”

“Oh really,” she replied casually, “then you won't mind it a bit if I send this picture to one of the weekly tabloids, I think it captures the real you, don't you think so, Cary!?!” “W-where did you get this,” he said weakly, while holding onto the bar to keep from falling over!?!” “Let's not worry our pretty little heads about that,” she offered sweetly, “I think we should be thinking about who to send it, ya know as thorough as the American rags are, I think a London tabloid would be perfect, they've had so many scandals over the years they know just how to milk a story for all its worth, don't you think!?!” “W-why are you doing this to me,” he stammered, “I haven't done anything to hurt you!?!” “No,” she asked, “for the past three years you've let me run after you like a starry eyed school girl and not once did you really try dissuading me from the chase, you must have had a pretty good laugh watching the bitch skater crawl, even though you new there was never a fucking prayer for her!!!” “Okay, okay,” he replied quickly, “maybe I could have been a little more straightforward with you, but what's done is done, can't you just forget it and leave it be!?!” “Mmmmmm, maybe,” she said slowly, “but it's gonna cost you, big time!!!”

“Allison,” he asked nervously, “what are we doing in here, if someone saw us come in. Find out more .

Hentai: (COMIC1☆5) [Usubeniya (Usubeni Sakurako)] Shinkou no Tamamono (Touhou Project)

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(COMIC1☆5) [うすべに屋 (うすべに桜子)]信仰のタマモノ(東方Project)

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