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also I have 2 sisters both younger then me there twins they both have a major crush on me the oldest is alyssa and then there is alexis they both have fire red hair, red eyes, and both body to kill over, both have 32”D and now we have my girl-friend holly she is the high school cheerleader captain and my girl-friend of course the hottest girl in school she has black hair, deep blue eyes, 32”D we have been dating for the last 3 years were both virgins or so I thought) ill add more characters if I get good ratings or if I get bored one day. Gostosas Idol X Saimin 2 ~Genkikei Idol, Mesu Ni… My day starts off with a loud ring which I can only guess is my “down with the sickness” alarm I groan roll over and try to cut it off but instead knock it in the floor so I reach down to pick it up and fall of the bed with a loud thump I start laughing at my own stupidity and cut off my alarm then I stand up stretch and yawn and unravel myself from my blanket only to fall once again after I unravel very carefully I pick up my cover and throw it on my bed right after my sister alyssa (she will always make a perverted joke)comes in and asks

“what was that loud thud it better not be u jacking off in here”

“ha ha no I fell off my bed and fell in the floor why do u care slut I know I herd moaning in there from you and alexis last night”

I turn around and noticed my sister only is wearing a shirt that only goes to her panties and her breasts are looking like the'll fall out if u touch them my cock started to grow a erection (I was only wearing boxers)so alyssa said while wearing a big smile that I hated so much and leaning against the door to my room

“looks like someone likes what they heard”
my face grew redder than a apple
“fuck u maybe if u stop acting like a slut I wouldn't have a hard on” she walks up to me and squeezed my dick and leaned forward in a seductive voice “don't be like that u know u wanna stick that hard dick right up my pussy and make me scream bloody murder don't act like u dont” she leaned forward and gave me a very unsister like kiss then said “so how do u like your sisters pussy juices”
then turned and left my room with me stunned wondering what the fuck just happened and decided to lock my door incase she tried to come back so I go to my closet and pick out some zombie shirt that said “when u go to school this is what u become “ and a pair of jeans and get a shower when I got out I pick up my phone to shoot holly a good morning

“hey babe u ready to head to school”
I unlock my door grab my back pack and head for the stairs half way down I get a reply “hey dante yep im getting my make up on now ill see you in a bit” “all right love u”
“love u 2”

after I go down to the kitchen and get some breakfast I see mom making some eggs I walk bye and say”hey mom”she only had on her night gown
“hey dante sleep good”
“ya woke up to falling of the bed”
“oh are u ok I herd the bang I just thouht u were fighting your sister up there” I grab a bowl and cearal with some milk
“no but alyssa did come bother me”
right at that time the twins came down toghter they both had on a justin bieber shirt and a miny skirt that no girl should ever wear and alyssa said
“na ah mom dont lissen to him I saw him at our door peeping on us trying to change” mom said “am I going to have to seprate you two again” we both said in unsion
“but he/she started”
“all right enough no more fusing its the first day of school and I want youll to have a good day if not ill ground u for life now both of u sit and eat”we both grumbled and said fine a few minutes of silince eating and alexis said
“good morning dante”(alexis is the shy one and nicest between the two) “good morning alexis sleep good”
I looked up and saw her face go a deep shade of red then rembered what alyssa said “oh um ya im done eating ill wait in the car”(I drive them to and from school since I got my license before they did)so she put her dish in the sink and went to the car only to find it locked I laughed at myself silently and reached into my backpack to get them right as she came back in I handed them too her and she said “thanks” “welcome” after me and alyssa got done we headed to the car with a “bye mom” and was headed down the street to pick up holly when we got to a stop light I sent a text saying

“were down the street u ready”
“yep im waiting on the porch is the slut and good 2 shoes there” “u know I dont like u calling them that babe”
“ok im sorry ill make it up to u some how ;)”
“hmmm foxy I like”
the light turned green and we pulled up in holly drive way to her running out she wore some jeans and a tight fitting shirt that I can tell she had no bra on alyssa said
“uhhh great miss bitch is hear u auta dump her shes bad news” “shut up alyssa your just mad im dating her instead of u” “whatever your stupidity” I wondered what she ment bye that right aboot that time holly opened the door and got in leaned over and gave me a short kiss and I said “hey baby u ready to go”
“uh ya I think I so”she turned and said
“hey alyssa, alexis”
“come on assholes hurry up were gonna be late for first period” we stopped talking for me to give alyssa a death stare that if it could burn it would then I knoticed alexis looking down at her hands and asked
“are u all right alexis”
she looked up at me with a smile then looked at holly and dropped it just as quick and looked back down
“um yea im not feeling too well”
“oh ok do u want me to take u home I think mom would understand if u dont wanna go” “ no im fine its just a belly ake”(I didnt belive it for a second) so I just dropped it for now until were alone “ok if u say so”we backed out and headed to school while me and holly talked and alyssa and alexis wisphered back and forth I wonder what there taking about.

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