Milfporn 先生、お願いします

“Thank you, Norman,” replied Ward Polk, “I can see Professor Davis and his wife out of the terrace, we can find our own way, thanks again!” Ward took Louanne by the arm and led her through the crowd, stopping by the bar to pick up a couple of drinks. Their age difference of thirty years didn't bother either of them in the least, but after five years of marriage things had changed for the worse! It wasn't as if her husband wasn't trying, but their wa?s no passion in their relationship! Try as he might, Ward just wasn't up to the task of keeping his young bride sexually satisfied, and the sad part about it, was that he didn't even know it, and Lou was too afraid to tell him! Like tonight for instance, a little cuddling and tit sucking for foreplay, and then he would mount her and thrust for a minute or so, and that would be it!!! If he were hung it might have been better, but her husband was on the small side in the cock department, so his thrusts did little more than whet her appetite! As she lay there next to him, tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to go to sleep.

Hentai: [三ッ葉稔] 先生、お願いします (コミック エグゼ 42)

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[三ッ葉稔]先生、お願いします(コミック エグゼ 42)

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