Spy Cam Good-chu!×2 - Fate Stay Night

She didn’t take her gaze from his face as he admired her body. As long as I don’t hurt you, I can touch you whenever and however and where ever I want.

Hentai: (C80) [MUMU@ (Shirokai Mua)] Good-chu!×2 (Fate/stay night) [Chinese] [wl00314824個人漢化]

Good-chu!×2 1Good-chu!×2 2Good-chu!×2 3Good-chu!×2 4Good-chu!×2 5Good-chu!×2 6Good-chu!×2 7Good-chu!×2 8Good-chu!×2 9Good-chu!×2 10Good-chu!×2 11Good-chu!×2 12Good-chu!×2 13Good-chu!×2 14Good-chu!×2 15Good-chu!×2 16Good-chu!×2 17Good-chu!×2 18Good-chu!×2 19Good-chu!×2 20Good-chu!×2 21Good-chu!×2 22Good-chu!×2 23Good-chu!×2 24Good-chu!×2 25Good-chu!×2 26Good-chu!×2 27Good-chu!×2 28Good-chu!×2 29Good-chu!×2 30Good-chu!×2 31Good-chu!×2 32Good-chu!×2 33Good-chu!×2 34Good-chu!×2 35Good-chu!×2 36Good-chu!×2 37Good-chu!×2 38Good-chu!×2 39Good-chu!×2 40Good-chu!×2 41Good-chu!×2 42Good-chu!×2 43Good-chu!×2 44Good-chu!×2 45Good-chu!×2 46

(C80) [MUMU@ (白貝みゅあ)]Good-chu!×2(Fate/stay night) [中国翻訳]

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