[Himeno Mikan] Chocochu~ (COMIC LO 2011-04) [Chinese] [臭鼬娘漢化組]

“You look absolutely radiant, dear,” Hillary’s mother said after giving her a congratulatory kiss, “is Paul excited about prospect of becoming a father!?!” “Oh, yes, mother,” Hillary gushed, “he’s already talking about how he can’t wait to teach our son how to play baseball and all the other sports!!!” Jill Conway chuckled a bit and commented, “I hope you reminded him of option number two!!!” “Hillary giggled at the prospect of presenting her young husband with a bouncing baby girl and replied, “He’ll be happy no matter what we get, but I think he’d be even more excited if we had a boy, I think most first time fathers are, don’t you think!?!” “You’re probably right,” her mother replied, “and by the way, dear, how are you feeling, the doctor says everything’s all up to snuff!?!” “I feel just fine, mother,” she answered quickly, “and Dr. .

Hentai: [Himeno Mikan] Chocochu~ (COMIC LO 2011-04) [Chinese] [臭鼬娘漢化組]

Chocochu~ 1Chocochu~ 2Chocochu~ 3Chocochu~ 4Chocochu~ 5Chocochu~ 6Chocochu~ 7Chocochu~ 8Chocochu~ 9Chocochu~ 10Chocochu~ 11Chocochu~ 12Chocochu~ 13Chocochu~ 14Chocochu~ 15Chocochu~ 16Chocochu~ 17Chocochu~ 18Chocochu~ 19Chocochu~ 20

[姫野蜜柑]ちょこちゅ~(COMIC LO 2011年4月号) [中国翻訳]

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