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It was Saturday night and mum came in and told us they would be going away on Monday I started to plan my week on my own seen as Lucy was going to stay at here friends house, i'd finally thought of what to do and that was get a few takeaways,beers and watch porn on the big tv I couldn't wait to finally empty my load and be alone for the first time since moving in. [Eruu] Kitagawa Marin (Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi O… This was the first time I got a hard on over Lucy, my feelings started to change I wanted her so badly, I didn't know why I was fantasising about my sister but I couldn't stop, that night all I could think about was Lucy naked and sucking me off, I couldn't sleep so I has to blow my load, I shared a room with Lucy unit I'll get room was sorted so I couldn't do it there so I grabbed a pair if her panties and snuck to the bathroom, I finished up and went back to my room.

Hentai: [Adomora] Untitled

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